[For Ladies] Foods To Avoid During Your Monthly Period

Menstruation Period , is a process women go through monthly where the shedding of the endometrium or uterine lining occurs.

Therefore, foods like fresh fish rich in omega 3, fruits, nuts, and water, are a girl’s best friend during her period.

Similarly, it is advisable to avoid certain food items while menstruating as they could have adverse long or short term effects on a woman.

1. Alcohol

Yes, you heard right girl. Stay away from alcohol during your period. As cool as taking some shots of vodka during your period might seem, it could pose some real danger.

Blood loss during the menstruation process might trigger low blood pressure and dehydration, opening the portal to numerous deficiencies which could leave you vulnerable to diseases.

Consuming alcohol therefore, will only make the dehydration worse. So next time you’re at a party during your period, grab a glass of water instead and say ‘no’ to any form of alcoholic beverage or snack.

2.Sweet snacks

Your period window is not the best time to consume sweet snacks. Especially if some of your PMS include diarrhea and bloating.

If you crave sweets (as some women menstruating do), substitute processed sweet snacks for fruits such as apples, bananas, strawberries, dates and citrus foods which are rich in various forms of vitamins and fibre.

3.Spicy food

Should your PMS include cramping, avoid consuming spicy foods at that time of the month as it could worsen the cramps and potentially trigger diarrhea.

4.Salty food

Processed foods stacked with a lot of salt such as fries, canned beans, must be avoided during the ‘red’ days. As your body is already experiencing a higher water retention (triggered by the menstrual hormone), ingesting salty foods might cause gassing and therefore, discomfort.

Some other foods to avoid include; caffeinated beverages such as coffee, foods high in fat and fried foods. As boring as a period diet seems, getting creative with your meal plan will spice things up (pun intended).
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