Ladies! Here are 4 things you can say to your man during sex

The things guys want to hear during sex range from pleasurable moans, how well they are doing and all the dirty talks.

It is hard to imagine a man that does not like a woman that is vocal in bed.

Your first time having sex with someone can be a bit nerve-wracking. In the heat of the moment, your mind may go blank, and you might be lost at what to say to turn up the heat in the bedroom.

To save yourself from embarrassment the next time you have sex with a new partner, here are some things you can say to your man in the heat of the ‘enjoyment’.

  • “I can feel you inside me.”

Men love to hear how it feels for the girl. Get into it and let him know how you want him to position himself or move. You can say things like, “I like it when you ………” He will be happy to know he’s pleasing you and doing what you like.

  • “I’m all yours.”

It feels so special and makes him even more. Chances are that he feels the same about you too. If you want to become exclusive with a guy, bring it up afterwards to see what he says.

  • “Wow, it’s so big!”

It makes him so proud. Any guy will feel happy being complimented on his size. Tell him it’s the biggest you’ve ever experienced to make his night.

  • Let out some moans

It’s super sexy when you try to be quiet but let some moans out. Some men prefer quieter girls, and they like hearing the girl struggling to keep in her moans. You can also add some heavy, slow breathing and grab the sheets or pillow to show that you’re enjoying yourself. He’ll be sure to find you irresistible.

Source: Pulse Ghana


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