Do men prefer big borttors? Here’s what research says

Numerous celebrities and women have had their bartts surgically enlarged since, over time, it has come to be seen as a particularly desirable aspect of attractiveness.

The fixation with huge bartts has reached an all-time high as a result of the abundance of pop culture references to “the big Nassh” that have made their way online.

Numerous celebrities have undergone plastic surgery to increase the size of their batts since, over time, it has become widely regarded as a very desirable aspect of attractiveness. Many people do it to boost their confidence and many people do it to get their partners’ attention.

Men are believed to especially enjoy huge batts, but is this truly the case? Let’s start by deciphering it.

Popular beliefs or Common notions

It is a common misconception that pregnant women whose spines are curved may support their weight on their hips. It is more efficient during pregnancy and causes fewer injuries to the spine. Men prefer to be with partners who are more capable of having children.

Scientific study

Men are thought to be particularly drawn to huge bumbums, but recent research from the University of Texas at Austin has found that in reality, they are more drawn to the curve of the back that resembles a beautifully shaped bartt.
100 men between the ages of 17 and 34 participated in the study, and they were asked to judge a woman’s attractiveness based on her side profile. Every image had been changed to curve out at a different angle at the lower spine. Men preferred it when the lower spine of the curved at a 45-degree angle, it was discovered.

Research using various borttors shapes

Another study by the researchers found that regardless of butt size, about 200 males were attracted to women with spinal curves of 45 degrees or slightly less. This demonstrated that rather than the size of their Nassh, men really favor women who have a particular spine curvature.

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