Wednesday , August 4 2021
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4 Reasons why couples should sleep naked

Sleeping in the nude encourages people to be more emotionally intimate and open with one another. Below are four reasons why you should consider sleeping naked with your spouse: Improves relationships Sleeping naked promotes intimacy among couples. Close contact with a significant other can massively boost the amount of oxytocin …

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4 Signs Your Partner Has Fallen For Someone Else

Your partner may not be cheating, only that he/she may have found interest in another person. When you love someone you adore everything about that person and cannot even think of someone else. When you are with them, you are smitten by them and when you are not with them, …

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6 types of people most likely to cheat in a relationship

The reasons for cheating can range from the opportunities accessible to them or their personality. Cheating is not an event, we all know. It’s a series of actions and some people do not bother to consider the impact that their wrong choices would have on their partner and relationship. Back …

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Here are 5 ways to invest your money in Ghana

The culture of saving and investment is still a grey area in developing countries across the world including Ghana. Investment in ghana Due to the high unemployment rates and the meagre salaries of a lot of workers in Ghana, investments are privilege for a little few. However, in recent times, …

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