When s3x is good in marriage, all other issues in the relationship are resolved easily – Uncle Ebo

S3x, according to studies, has plenty of physical and psychological benefits to human relationships.

For the Artistic Director and Lead Writer at Roverman Productions, James Ebo Whyte, good s3x facilitates the resolution of arguments that come up in marriages.

According to him, marriage requires compromise, sacrifice, and teamwork. Thus, willingness of couples to easily co-operate is essential. Uncle Ebo Whyte believes that this is highly possible when couples have fulfilling s3xual intercourse.

“When s3x is good, all other issues in the relationships can be handled. When sex is not good, even minor issues become major issues and blow up.

“The marital problems are there, they have always been there but whether we are interested in saving this marriage or not? Whether we are even interested in ensuring that we have a good relationship and sustain it or not? depends on whether the s3x is good,” he said.

Speaking on the topic ‘S3x in Marriage’ on Joy FM’s A Walk with Jesus, Mr Whyte noted that sexual intercourse that results in orgasm for both parties increases the affection between the couple.

“If the s3x is good they [the women] are more patient and understanding and he [the man] is also most attentive and understanding,” he said.

He further advised marriage counsellors to always ask embattled couples the question, “When was the last time you [the couple] had s3x?”

In his view, this will help the counsellor ascertain how far the couple have drifted apart.

Story By Uncle Ebo

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