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For Men: 4 Signs Your Pen*is healthy

Taking care of the penis should be prioritised to prevent bacterial build-ups that can lead to infections and diseases. Everyone’s pern*is is different from the others in terms of its size, shape, type, and amount of discharge that it releases. But you should take care of your penis as much …

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5 foods to avoid before s*x

Below are 5 foods that are good for your health but you might want to avoid them before bedroom exercise. We all think about nutrition to pique our performance in the gym, or even at work, so why not in the bedroom, too? “There are some foods thats can make …

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5 common reasons men lose interest in relationships

These are the five most typical, relevant reasons why men grow apart from the women they once admired. Sometimes people in relationships, once burning with a passion for each other suddenly begin to lose interest in the whole affair. 1. Efforts don’t match If he does his best and you …

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Five Sekxual Injuries to Be Aware Of

Most sekxual injuries happen unexpectedly, whether in bed or in the washroom. However, it’s best to be informed of what can go wrong. Sekkx isn’t the perfect trip or ride that some people portray it to be. It can have a lot of bumps, snags, and bruises along the way …

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