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Five Sekxual Injuries to Be Aware Of

Most sekxual injuries happen unexpectedly, whether in bed or in the washroom. However, it’s best to be informed of what can go wrong. Sekkx isn’t the perfect trip or ride that some people portray it to be. It can have a lot of bumps, snags, and bruises along the way …

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How to get your crush without shooting your shot

This is how to get that your crush without directly shooting your shot. Attraction is a two way thing. For the ladies, though, there is usually a hesitation when it comes to being the first one to act on such attraction. Often times, when babes see guys they really have …

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4 Signs Your Partner Has Fallen For Someone Else

Your partner may not be cheating, only that he/she may have found interest in another person. When you love someone you adore everything about that person and cannot even think of someone else. When you are with them, you are smitten by them and when you are not with them, …

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