Dear men, here are 5 things women want you to do in bed more often

When it comes to what women want in bed, women are actually not that complicated.

No matter how into each other you are, relationships will see sex peaks and valleys. It’s easy to fall into a rut or resort to ‘solo time’ during one of those droughts. But let’s kick-start that steam with the most pleasurable things to do to a woman during sex.

Each woman is a world apart when it comes to what brings them sexual gratification. But there are crucial elements that make all women enjoy the overall experience. That’s what ultimately leads to everyone’s ultimate satisfaction.

Do women love sex? Or do they hate it? There can be misconceptions galore about what men think women want when it comes to sex. So, here are certain things demystified.

  • Heart talk

In most cases, conversations are a turn-on for women. So, if men want to forego that, it will be a cardinal sin. And it’s not simple sweet-nothings that arouse women, soul-stirring conversations are an added bonus! So, talk your way through her heart.

  • Spontaneity counts

Nothing can be more off-putting than routine, mechanical sex. Women do want men to be more imaginative and aware of what turns them on. A simple way to do this? Simply ask your partner about her likes and dislikes.

  • Limits of endurance

To be sure, women do not want intercourse to last forever. Marathon sex looks good on paper, but in reality, an inordinate delay in orgasming on part of the guy can make a woman writhe in boredom.

  • Being selfish isn’t cool

When it comes to sex, women do expect men to not be self-centred. So, if you orgasm and she doesn’t, that would be counted as selfishness. Carry on, till both partners reach the climax.

  • Spooning matters

Normally, women do want men to follow certain after-sex amorous rituals. Cuddle-and-kiss takes top priority. In other words, women want to let the sweet aftertaste of sex linger – rolling off to sleep after sex gets a big thumbs-down.


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