Just For My Ladies: 8 things every man secretly wants in bed

Just like work, study, going to the gym, or even eating, your intimate life can become routine and boring too.

Men are visual creatures. They have prominent visual needs. Visual cues are the easiest and the best way to turn them on.

At the beginning of romantic relationships and marriages, it is fairly easy to keep things passionate and steamy in the bedroom. There’s just an insane amount of attraction that couples have for each other.

But after some years or months in marriage, it’s time to learn about what a husband expects from a wife in bed.

The best way to do this is by learning about what husbands expect from a wife in bed, what men like during s.3.x, and s.3.x styles to satisfy your husband.

  • Guide him in s.3.x

The husband and wife relationship in the bedroom is a core aspect of having a healthy married life. Often, men want their women to lead them in the bedroom.

Your husband wants to make sure that you’re enjoying the sex as much as he. So, help him help you. Tell him how you want him to make sure that you enjoy s3.x! Give him specific directions while having s.3.x. He’ll love it.

  • Dominance is always welcome

Engaging in some dominance in s.3.x positions is something men crave. Men love to feel like leaders. It’s true. So, engaging in role-playing where he’s the dom and you’re the sub is fantastic.

  • The dreamboat ejaculation

So, what do guys secretly like in bed but will never ever tell you directly? It’s the dreamboat ej.a.culation. Your husband most probably loves the idea of ej.a.culating on you.

He may not say it because he thinks that it might offend you. But the idea of ejaculating on some part of your body (chest, stomach, back, etc.) is very arousing for men. So, consider this.

  • Quickies are fun

Men love quickies. It’s quick, rough, spontaneous, and exciting. So, if you’re in the mood to get dirty with your man, let him know through some visual cue!

Spontaneous quickies are an easy and fun way to make things exciting s.3.xually. Maybe an early morning quickie or a shower quickie or a mid-day quickie.

  • Go down on him

How to rock his world in bed? Incorporate more oral s.3.x into your s.3.x life if you haven’t already! There’s nothing that men love more than when their women voluntarily and enthusiastically go down on them.

If you initiate oral sex frequently, he will also feel encouraged to go down on you! Frequent oral sex is a wonderful way to incorporate more passion and excitement into your s.3.x life.

  • His favourite s3.x positions

What a husband expects from a wife in bed is curiosity about his favourite s.3.x position (s) in bed. Doggy style is well-loved. But the best thing you can do is directly ask your husband about his favourite s.3.x positions.

Having open conversations about preferred sex positions shows that you’re enthusiastic about keeping things fresh and spicy in the bedroom.

  • Initiate s.3.x

You initiating sex is another very important aspect of what your husband really wants in bed. Usually, men initiate sex.

But think about this: you’re both equals in your marriage. So, why just wait for your beloved to initiate s.3.x? Take control. Initiate sexual intimacy.

Men find it incredibly attractive when their wives initiate s.3.x and take control.

  • Foreplay rocks

Foreplay is what husbands expect from wives in bed. Men also love foreplay. Tease your man. You can indulge in randomly teasing him s.3.xually throughout the day. This can build up to some mind-blowingly intense s.3.x at night.

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