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Did you know that there are male contraceptives too? Check out the popular ones

When you think of birth control, your mind probably goes to the pill for women but there’s more.

Contraceptives are the different methods used to prevent pregnancy by interfering with fertilisation.

Many of us are familiar with the range of contraceptive methods available to women, including pills, patches, rings, and IUDs that can provide protection for several years.

But do you know that men also have contraceptive methods available to them?

Contrary to the common perception that preventing pregnancy is solely a woman’s responsibility, men have their own range of options to contribute to family planning.

This is a collective battle against pregnancy.

Now, what methods can men use to prevent pregnancy? Read on to find out:

This is a permanent form of birth control for males. During this surgical procedure, the vas deferens, that is the tubes responsible for carrying sperm from the testes to the urethra, are either cut or blocked.

By doing so, the release of sperm during ejaculation is prevented, making vasectomy a highly effective and long-lasting contraceptive method.

You must be absolutely certain about this decision before considering a vasectomy, as you may never have biological children in the future. While a vasectomy can sometimes be reversed through surgical procedures, the success of reversal is not guaranteed.

In terms of effectiveness, vasectomy is considered the most reliable birth control option for men. Statistics show that only around 15 out of 10,000 couples experience pregnancy within the year after the man undergoes the procedure.

After a vasectomy, it typically takes approximately three months for semen to be completely free of sperm.

Spermicide is another type of birth control that contains chemicals designed to prevent sperm from reaching an egg for fertilisation. It is available in various forms, including foams, gels, creams, films, and suppositories. Another option is spermicide condoms, which are regular condoms coated with a spermicidal substance called N-9.

N-9, or nonoxynol-9, is an organic compound with surfactant properties. It is known for its spermicidal effects. Spermicide condoms also provide lubrication during sexual intercourse.

Make sure to consult with a healthcare professional for personalised guidance on the safe use of these contraceptives.

Condoms are the most widely used and easily accessible form of birth control. They have a success rate of up to 98% in preventing conception when used correctly.

Condoms act as a physical barrier preventing sperm from entering the vagina during sexual intercourse. Not only do condoms provide protection against unintended pregnancy, but also against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

When selecting condoms, it is important to choose those made of latex material, as they are highly effective in preventing both pregnancy and the transmission of STDs. It is advisable to avoid carrying condoms in a wallet, as heat and friction could damage them. Always store in a cool, dry place.

Source: Pulse Ghana

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