Youtube apologises to Kwadwo Sheldon for terminating his account

Team YouTube which happens to be the customer service handle of Youtube has apologised to Kwadwo Sheldon for terminating his account.

Apparently, Sheldon wrote to them on Twitter telling them the circumstances under which his account got banned and that he didn’t do anything wrong.

Sheldon wrote: “Hi @TeamYouTube, My account( Kwadwo Sheldon) has been hacked and as a result of the suspicious activities on the channel, youtube has terminated the channel. I have no issues with copyright or strikes. Account is verified with 144k subscribers . Kindly look into it.”

In response to his tweet, Team Youtube assured Sheldon that they’ll do all they can to help him recover his account.

Really sorry to hear about this – we’ll be sending a DM with the next steps to help recover your account. Look out for our message.”, the reply reads.

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Source:Celebrities Buzz

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