Lydia Forson, EL Blast Accra FM For Sacking Kidi From Studio After He Turned Up Late For Interview

EL and Lydia Forson have blasted Accra FM for the unprofessional way they acted towards a big artist as Kidi for coming to an interview session late.

On Thursday, Nana Romeo of Accra FM allegedly blasted Kidi for his habitual lateness anytime the station wants him for an interview: “ I feel embarrassed because this is the second time you are doing this.”

“We always announce the time to the public but you don’t show up at the agreed time. That is not the case with other stations when you visit there,” said Romeo.

Kidi apologised for his lateness after which he walked out and drove off. The issue has generated a lot of buzz on social media since then.

Rapper EL thought the station goofed for the manner at which they handled the issue.

EL said, “The Presenter should have picked a more private platform to address Kidi’s tardiness, these are difficult times we’re living in, regardless of the history they’ve had”.

Lydia Forson who seem to share a similar opinion in a tweet said “This could have been handled better than this. Time must be respected by everyone, that I agree. But to publicly humiliate a GUEST on your show like this is unfortunate. How many times have we showed up to interviews/events etc that didn’t start on time”.

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