What Gets Men Excited? Six na.u.ghty and unique ways to get him hard

Most relationship needs you to shake things up every once in a while, a little teasing, passion, and surprises keep the sparks alive.

Show your man you care and make him feel special by paying him extra attention, playing with him and teasing him.

Turn him on without using any words, and make use of suggestive body language to ignite the magic between you two. Body language is a great way to turn a guy on. when you master the art of creating s3.x ual tension without saying a word, there’s hardly anything that can stop you.

The trick here is to be as subtle as you can, you don’t want to come across as being ‘’thirsty’’. Teasing and turning a man on requires a learning curve, make sure you try out more than one tip in order to find out what works best for both of you.

Use these tips as pointers to improve your seduction skills and add a fun twist to your relationship.

  • Body language

Learn the art of provocative glances, lock eyes with him and give him a long tender and s3.xy stare with a lot of meaning, as it’s often said, actions speak louder than words. A steamy look is a promise of things to come and it will send his imagination on a wild spin. The trick is to be confident and accompany your stare with a s3.xy and languorous smile and he’ll imagine all kinds of things, men are visual beings so he’s bound to be turned on.

  • Play with your food

The way you handle your food is a good way to send a message, how you l!ck an ice-cream cone or how you bite into a banana can be a great turn on. Use this to your advantage, play with food on your plate in a s#nsual way, foreplay does not have to include only chocolate or whipped cream. Grab a strawberry when you know he’s watching, bite into it with appetite and he’ll imagine you l!cking food off his body. You could also run your finger seductively around your glass to tease him and get his mind running. Nothing can get him in the mood like this seemingly innocent but highly effective trick.

  • K!ss the roof of his mouth

This is an area that’s often ignored, the roof of the mouth, one of the most ticklish parts of the body. You may think you’ve k!ssed all of him before but if you haven’t tried this, you’re in for a treat. The way to go about this is to run your tongue about twice across the roof of his mouth. Don’t overdo it, you don’t want it to become weird, once or twice is enough. This move will send chills across his spine and to the rest of his body in a split second.

  • D!rty talk into his ear

Guys love it when a girl d!rty talks in the bedroom and your guy is no exception. Tell him how you feel about what he’s doing to you, what you want him to do accompanied by heavy mo.a.ning and breathing into his ear.

No need for anything too complicated like reciting the periodic table (just saying). Keep it simple and colourful, do not hesitate to boost his ego, tell him he’s the best you’ve ever had, and that no one has ever touched you as he does. Encourage and cheer him on in b3d and watch how he gets r!led up like never before.

  • Take charge

Women are usually scared of taking charge and leading their guys in bed, nothing turns a guy on like a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to take charge. Get on top and ride him like a cow-g!rl, control the pace of his climax by intensifying or holding back your strokes. Guys testify that this position is a killer move and it can’t be topped.

Take the upper hand by ordering him to strip or to be still, introduce new sensations and add excitement, and use your hands, your tongue, lips, and hair to find sensitive zones to explore, he’d love this.

  • Tease till he begs for mercy

Get him riled up by k!ssing and l!cking your way down his tors.o, stopping short of where he wants it the most. Tease him with all your clothes on and take your time to take them off. Let him feel a combination of frustration and anticipation until he can’t bear it any longer.

Share an ice-cream cone with him and l1ck the drops off his fingers and ch!n slowly then go back to something else. K!ss and tease him from his chest down his member like you’re about to give him a blow job and then move back up, do it over and over again until he can’t bear it. The satisfaction that comes after the long wait is always worthwhile

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