TikTok does not determine how long a song will last – Gyakie

Gyakie, a Ghanaian afrobeats performer, claims that TikTok’s influence has no impact on how long a song stays on the charts.

According to her, the longevity of a song depends on the song and not dance trends on social media.

I believe that the lifetime of a song is determined by the music itself. It’s not about TikTok at all.

She emphasized her point by stating that, despite the fact that Kelvyn Boy’s Down Flat became a hit due to social media dance routines, the song is still loved by the majority of people.

[New Music] Gyakie – Something (Prod. by P.Prime)

“People still dance to Kelvyn Boy’s Down Flat even though it’s been a while since it was released. It came with a dance routine on TikTok too. So, like I said, it depends on the song.”

She added that, “TikTok helped my ‘Forever’ song get to a bigger market.”

The singer’s remarks come at a time when there have been complaints that the social me

“Pushing songs to trends by making all these moves {and} dance for it to be a hit is killing our songs faster than allowing it to organically grow to gradually become hit.”

He finds the situation a problematic “because the moment another person’s moves overtake yours, no matter how great your song is, trust me, yours off the table. And it’s really worrying.”

The producer, who is also the manager of rapper Obrafour, wrote that he was “expecting” songs like Down Flat and Kwaku The Traveller to “by now be uncontrollable.” However, he pointed out that the dance moves by Kizz Daniel’s BUGA have pushed those songs away.

Although, he acknowledges the relevance of the platform, Wei Y3 Oteng, said it “can’t beat the organic radio and TV promo with TikTok.”

“It’s a really great technology and it’s here to stay, but trust me we still need to reach the grounds and stop acting all made it when Dancegod and some few others teach some girls move to start trending on our artist behalf.”

[New Music] Gyakie – Something (Prod. by P.Prime)

dia platform is destroying song lifespan.

Wei Y3 Oteng, a Ghanaian music producer, expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation in a Facebook post.

According to him, “it’ s doing more harm than good, because every now and then musicians are tempted to come with something new when their jams are out of trends, let’s wake up be4 creativity becomes a competition.”

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