Stop judging gospel musicians; we’re humans and not angels – Ernest Opoku tells critics

Ghanaian gospel star, Ernest Opoku, has entreated Ghanaians to stop being excessively harsh on gospel stars anytime their scandal pops up.

According to Ernest Opoku, gospel musicians are not angels but humans just like their critics hence it breaks his heart anytime they are blasted for things secular musicians do on a daily.

The award-winning artiste made this statement during his interview while addressing some controversies and unusual news that surround him in the music industry, especially in respect of his stalled relationship with actress Nayas.

In an exclusive interview with Sompa FM, Ernest Opoku categorically stated that people must stop judging them because they are also humans and not superhuman as many perceive them to be.

“The problem with most Africans is that, they see we Gospel musician as Angels but that is not true, we are just like any other person of course we are humans”.

Meanwhile, Ernest Opoku has confessed to receiving a free ‘BJ’ from an unknown lady during one of his kumasi-Accra trips.

According to him, he was traveling from Kumasi to Accra on the night VIP bus, and the seat next to him was occupied by a woman he didn’t know.

After a couple of hours, the said lady started dozing off and trying to lean on me, so he asked her to change position and eventually, the lady decided to lean against the window.

A little later, he decided to put on his headphones and listened to some of Elder Mireku’s songs until he fell asleep. As he slept, he suddenly felt movement around him, and to his wildest surprise, he woke up and realized that the woman had his penis in her mouth which forced him to shout the name of Jesus.

The musician added that he was surprised and could only give her a hard tap on the back when asked if he enjoyed the act.

Ernest Opoku Jnr also disclosed that the woman’s only justification for her behavior was that she believed she was having a dream and that she was sorry.

Source: Zionfelix

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