“Spend More Time Working Than Praying And Attending Church Activities” – Akrobeto To Ghanaian Youth

Ghanaian kumahood actor Kwasi Boadi Akrobeto, has counseled Ghanaian youth to spend the most of their time working rather than praying.

Some Ghanaians, he claims, prefer to worship rather than work.

He went on to say that most people who refer to their moms as witches are impoverished, as no wealthy person would do so.

The actor and TV presenter, believes there is more to life than excessive praying.

“Pray for shorter periods and work more. There is no rich man or woman whose mother is a witch. It’s only mothers of poor people. If you work hard, you’ll not say your mother is a witch. So, all I’m telling you today is that pray but don’t waste all the time praying. Rather invest more time into working so that you can make money to help others.”

Akrobeto has a lengthy history of acting. He was born on November 18, 1962, and has established himself as a powerful actor, comedian, and television host. He has appeared in more than 100 Kumawood films. In the entertainment industry, Akwesi Boadi is known as Akrobeto (who ‘noses’ tomorrow). He has recently been featured on various worldwide television networks, including CNN and other sporting television stations, for his comedic acts.

In November 2020, footage of him reciting sports scores from European football in an exaggerated and enthusiastic style went viral, boosting his fame.

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