Kobi Rana to actors: Stop posting photos, use social media to promote your movies

Kobi says, “if you do movies and you don’t promote it on Instagram, you are just useless at your job”

Movie producer Kobi Rana has advised actors to use social media to promote their movies instead of posting their personal pictures all the time.

“You are not popular because of your photos on Instagram, you are popular because of your job,” he said.

Speaking to Caroline Sampson on Asaase Radio’s Café995, Kobi said, “if you do movies and you don’t promote it on Instagram, you are just useless at your job, it is as simple as that”.

“If you look at actors like Kevin Hart and Jennifer Lopez, they dedicate their social media to their jobs,” he added.


Explaining his method of casting actors for his movies, Kobi said, “I always want to be versatile. I try to appeal to various groups, my casting usually unites everybody. I have musicians, Tik-Tokers, comedians, popular actors and others casted. In my last movie Freedom and justice we brought back all the oldies and that was intentional.”

According to him, his casts must be versatile in the use of languages and also in physical appearance.

“First of all, the actors must qualify in terms of age, looks, skills etc and language is important to me – your English must be good, basically whatever language you are comfortable with must be on point.”

New movie

Kobi Rana premieres his new movie Valentine’s Day on Monday (14 February) at Oak Plaza Hotel. He noted that the movie embodies love, marriage and friendship.

“You need to look out for everything in the movie. The movie is to rekindle love in relationships. The movie tends to solve some existing marital problems and I have special discount for students with ID card.”


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