Actor Oboy Siki says that he only respects women when he is about to sleep with them.

Oboy Siki, a Ghanaian actor, has revealed that the only time he respects a girl is when he is going to have a s3kual affair with her.

He claims that he has no respect for anyone in the world, especially if that person was born of a woman like himself.

He emphasized that if you become human like him, he has no respect for you and, as a result, he speaks to people regardless.

Oboy Siki, on the other hand, made an exception for ladies, saying that when he is ready to have s3k with them, he will show some respect to them, but once he is done sleeping with them, he loses that regard.

When questioned if he had any feelings for his wife, Oboy Siki answered that he does because he believes her to be his mother now that his original mother has passed away.

In the video below, you can see him make this surprising revelation.

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