It’s weird and disgusting to share the same toothbrush with your partner – Quarme Zaggy

Most partners share a lot of things together but one thing that most people would find difficult to share in a relationship is using one toothbrush.

Quarme Zaggy in an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM in Cape Coast admitted that it’ll be disgusting to share the same toothbrush with his girlfriend.

“It’s a bit disgusting when it comes to sharing the same toothbrush with your partner especially if you aren’t married,” he said.

He continued, “With my girlfriend maybe I might say no but maybe for my wife sometimes when you live together for some time you become used to each other so you don’t mind.

“I think with your wife now you guys have become one so you can share one sponge, one towel and so why can’t you share one toothbrush,” he told the host.

“But it’s because the toothbrush isn’t that expensive that you can’t buy, that’s why we find it weird to share your toothbrush with your partner,” Quarme Zaggy concluded.



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