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It’s not compulsory that she cooks for you; can’t you get a chef?”– Pastor to husbands

A senior pastor has urged men who always complain about their wives’ inability or refusal to cook for them to channel their anger into wealth creation that will enable them to afford the services of a chef.

According to the founder of Salvation Ministry, David Ibiyeomie, “it is not even compulsory” for a woman to cook for her husband, asking “can’t you get a chef?” reported the man of God as having made the controversial remarks while speaking during a sermon on Sunday.

“When you hear a man say that my wife does not know how to cook, he is yet to understand love,” David Ibiyeomie stated, adding: “Hire somebody to teach her and it is not even compulsory that she cooks for you. If you can’t afford that yet, work around teaching her and stop spreading her weakness all around. No one is perfect.

“Where did you hear that a woman must cook till she dies. It is your poverty that is disturbing you. Just be angry with your poverty.”

The preacher went further to boast about how he voluntarily asked his wife to never step in the kitchen because he is now wealthy enough to afford a chef.

“I told my wife to stop cooking. I told her that God has blessed me to a point that you will never enter kitchen.

“The scripture calls the women weaker vessels, it means men are the weak ones. There can’t be weaker if there is no weak.”

Source: Pulse Ghana

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