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Pregnant woman, 2-year-old son killed after car crashes into shop at…

In a collision involving multiple cars, a pregnant mother and her kid who was being transported to school were killed.

As a result of a Kia Rhino with the license plate AS 9238-22 carrying plantain suckers smashing into a store, the victim and her uniformed two-year-old son were both crushed to death.

According to eyewitness accounts, a truck traveling on Sehwi Juaboso road failed to brake, colliding with two personal vehicles and a tricycle before driving into the store.

In front of the store, the pregnant woman and her son were killed in a collision.

The mom was declared dead at the government hospital in Juaboso, but the kid passed away immediately.

The trike rider is being treated at the same hospital as two other injured people.

After a truck strikes cars at Sehwi Juaboso, a tricycle is damaged.
The driver of the Kia Rhino is still at large.

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