I’m very sorry – Patapaa apologizes to ZionFelix

Patapaa has asked ZionFelix, a popular blogger, to forgive him for everything he has said against him.

Patapaa stated on his WhatsApp status on Thursday morning that he will not comment on the blogger or his wife.

“I beg Zion if I have said anything bad {about} you and my wife, I’m sorry… The demon I had last night was very bad. No women, no problem.”

After the blogger interviewed Liha Miller in Germany, the artist accused ZionFelix of instigating problems between him and his wife, Liha Miller.

Patapaa went on to say that ZionFelix should have asked for his permission before interrogating his wife after the original charges.

Patapaa claimed in an interview with SammyKay Media that he was notified about the two’s ongoing affair but didn’t give it much thought.

The fact that Zionfelix went, interviewed, and spent time with his wife in Germany without his permission, he believes, proves the rumors are true.

Right from their interview in the car, he went with her to eat ‘fufu’. I want to find out where Zion slept after that. Why will you chat with a married woman without informing her husband? Why would you chat with her in secret?… when he heard that we had separated he took the opportunity to get into the scene, that is what I think. He should have called me or my manager to seek permission or at least inform me.”

The singer has vowed to sue the blogger for interviewing his wife without his permission.

He has, however, decided not to bring up the subject again.

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