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I can’t last for 1 minute in bed & this is breaking my relationship – Man Cries out for help

GH One TV News anchor, Nana Aba Anamoah, has created a platform dubbed ‘My DM Diaries’ where here followers send messages of what is bothering them for advice.

One frustrated young man has sent a message complaining about how he’s not able to last long enough when fornicating with his girlfirned.

The guy who messaged on the basis of anonymity said he has tried all sorts of aphrodisiacs but this problem of not lasting for more than 1 minute before exploding every where has refused to stop so he’s seeking for help.

“Good afternoon Aunty Nana Aba! I hope you are doing well? My problem is that I’m a young guy in a relationship but can’t satisfy my gf.

I have tried all those stuff that guys use but still it doesn’t work. Black stone , dragon , and all but still under one minute den I spoil derr. I even tried tramol and that day my tin refused to rise.

Aunty pls I need your help cos my gf is tired and it’s breaking my relationship. Pls help cos I love her to the max and I don’t wanna loose her . I’ll be reading the comments. Thanks”

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