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Ghana Law School asks students for their social media names

Students’ social media handles have been requested by the Ghana School of Law for monitoring purposes so that they can uphold conduct appropriate for the legal profession.

This follows the General Legal Council’s denial to call a recent law school graduate to the bar due to her online activity.

During the event to swear in new executives of the Students’ Representative Council, the school announced its choice (SRC).

Yaw Oppong, the school’s director, claimed that the purpose of the action was to encourage proper online behavior.

“Everybody will have to provide their social media handles. We are going to look at it, and you will be monitored in terms of conduct. We are required by law to make recommendations. We don’t want to stampede you.

“You are going to reapply beyond the pass and submit yourselves for all legitimate checks,

So, before the General Legal Council approved, he ordered the pupils to submit themselves for character checks.

Yaw Oppong continued, “This will guarantee that the pupils’ prerequisites for excellent character are not compromised.”

“Once we are doing our best to ensure that as many of you as possible who want to help yourselves go beyond the stage you are, and we are succeeding, it will not compromise your good character.

“It’s of no use if you are qualified to go to second year, and you are told that you cannot go because of bad character,” he noted.

Due to her contentious online activity, social media star Elorm Ababio, nicknamed Ama Governor, was denied a call to the bar.

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