Full list of the companies owned by Delay

Companies belonging to Deloris Frimpong Manso, alias Delay, have surfaced, and we’ll take a look at them today.

Following her recent clashes with her arch-rival Afia Schwarzenegger, Delay has been the subject of conversation on social media and other outlets.

Following this, any topic revolving around her seems to interest Ghanaians especially her fans and foes hence our reason to preview her tall list of companies.

It is said that she has not gone all out to attack Afia Schwarzenegger as she has been doing because her companies are many and she’s busily managing them all.

Apart from her beening well-known Delay Mackerel and Sardine, I’m sure you’re unaware of the businesses she runs.

Worry not, since we’ve compiled a lengthy list for you below;

Below is a list of companies that Delay claims to own.

1 Delay Sardines

2 Delay Mackerel

3 Delay Spaghetti

4 Delay Shito

5 Delay Tuna Flakes

6 Delay Tomato Paste

7 The Delay Show

8 Delay Advertising Agency

9 Delay Media Distribution Company

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