Five Sekxual Injuries to Be Aware Of

Most sekxual injuries happen unexpectedly, whether in bed or in the washroom. However, it’s best to be informed of what can go wrong.

Sekkx isn’t the perfect trip or ride that some people portray it to be. It can have a lot of bumps, snags, and bruises along the way – literally. And, just so you know, this has nothing to do with chemistry or compatibility.

There are instances when secs can be frustrating, such as being left without climax, and other times when it can be downright dangerous.

Secz injuries happen more frequently than you may believe, so you should be aware of the most prevalent ones (primarily so you can figure out what to do if they happen to you).

Tears in the verganal canal
When you’re bleeding down there after the act, or it simply hurts a lot, you know it’s happened.

2.Heart Problems
According to study, vigorous seczual activity roughly triples the risk of a heart attack in the hours thereafter, especially if the person isn’t very active.

The brain releases dopamine in men, oxytocin in women, and endorphins in both during secz. The blood pressure in your veins might be raised by these hormones. Blood clots can be forced to the brain as a result of high blood pressure, resulting in a stroke.

4.Back injury, muscle pulls, and cramps:
A quick, uncomfortable, or violent movement can cause a variety of minor problems such as back discomfort and muscle pulls.

  1. Penniz fracture

One of the most common sekxxual injuries you should be aware of is a pennize fracture. A rip in the tunica albuginea, a layer of elastic tissue just beneath the skin that causes the penis to expand when aroused, is generally the cause.

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