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Don’t be in a rush to make money – Fresh lawyers counseled with 8 points

An open letter about the legal profession in Ghana was written by renowned attorney Nana Yaw Osei and given to newly qualified attorneys who were admitted to the bar on Friday, November 11, 2022. His advice to them includes, among other things, letting go of preconceived notions about the field, starting to learn directly from seasoned practitioners, and refraining from being in a rush to generate money.

Mr. Osei cautioned the newly admitted attorneys to remember that even while the General Legal Council (GLC), Ghana’s legal profession regulator, has found them qualified to practice law, it still has the authority to bar them from doing so in the future.

Here is his article to read:


1. CONGRATULATIONS to all those who were able to satisfy the General Legal Council (GLC) that they were fit to be Ghanaian lawyers. Now, you can also go about with the title, lawyer.

2. At the Bar, it’s about seniority. In court, seniors generally call their cases first. There’s nothing you can do about it. If you are lucky, you may be doing a case with a senior and so you benefit from doing your case “early” because of the senior’s involvement. Again, if you are lucky, you may be appearing before a judge who has planned to call cases in a particular order so a junior’s case may be called before that of a senior. However, should there be the need to call your case as a junior, you seek permission from the most senior at the Bar around, and depending on the situation, you may be allowed. Mind you, sitting in court waiting for your case to be called also affords you the opportunity to learn from the cases that are being called before yours.

3. You are a lawyer so go to court and call your case😂. It’s not that simple!  Finding a particular court to even hold a senior’s brief can sometimes be stressful.

4.  Drop those previous misconceptions you had about the profession before your call to the Bar, and begin to learn everything.

5. The same GLC that honoured you today (11/11/22) with a call can dishonour you tomorrow by cancelling your name from the roll of lawyers if you misconduct yourself.

6. MONEY: Don’t be in a rush to make money.The rush may land you into some trouble. Be careful.

7. By the time you finish your pupillage your thinking will be that of a lawyer.

8. Finally, law practice is about experience. If you have a problem humbly ask a senior or a colleague who has done it before.

I wish you well.

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