Deborah Freeman, Abdul-Aziz Quit MUSIGA

Deborah Freeman, the General Secretary of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), and Haruna Sungumo Abdul-Aziz, the Regional Secretary for the Upper West, have formally resigned from the organisation, accusing the union of neglecting its members.

They claimed that the leadership’s incompetence, which is adversely affecting the welfare of members in numerous ways, was the driving force behind their decision to leave MUSIGA to create the new musicians’ organisation of Ghana (New-MUSIGHA), a new organisation that will place a priority on the advancement of music and the welfare of musicians.

Deborah Freeman and Abdul-Aziz claimed in an interview with BEATWAVES on July 5, 2023, “The leadership of MUSIGA has taken an entrenched position so that they win power at any cost. We have been unable to hold elections since 2019 due to this. Nothing appears to be benefiting members under Bessa Simons’ four years as acting president.”

They said that the MUSIGA leadership has been delaying the holding of elections for a long time because they are employing every trick in the book to get their supporters registered to vote for Bessa Simons.

Mrs. Deborah Freeman remarked that MUSIGA’s unwillingness to permit anyone to join an organisation that a member believes can be advantageous to his or her welfare is undemocratic.

She claims that a union that isn’t looking out for its members’ interests is no longer desirable, which is why a new union needs to be created in order to give musicians hope.

In contrast, Abdul-Aziz lamented that despite their long-standing dedication to the organisation, members in the area had not reaped any rewards.

“I am continuing on with the New-MUSIGHA because it is about safeguarding the welfare of musicians, not simply my personal interests. The union has never provided any benefits to its members,” he stated.

Deborah Freeman, credited with four albums, has been a member of MUSIGA for the past 23 years.

She served in different capacities, first as Central Regional Secretary for two terms, Personal Assistant to past presidents, and General Secretary for two terms.

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