I’ll give Diana Asamoah’s Facebook page back to her – Frimprince

Emmanuel Anane Frimpong, the CEO of Primprince Music Productions, reversed his decision after receiving harsh criticism for denying Diana Asamoah access to her Facebook profile.

In an interview with Kwasi Aboagye on Peace FM, the music producer claimed that certain reputable persons in the business have convinced him to change his mind.

He claims that from this point on, he will grant the gospel singer access to her Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram accounts.

“A lot of high-profile people have spoken to me. I know even your panelists will say I should consider my stance on that. Due to the advice I’ve had on that, I will give her access to the Facebook page,” he said.

Asked if there were other social media accounts he has seized from Diana, he answered in the affirmative but promised to let her have access to the other platforms, too.

“I also have access to her website, YouTube and Instagram pages. But I’ll give her access to all of them,” he added.

Anane Frimpong previously disclosed that he had split from Diana Asamoah as a result of various “breaches” in their contract.

The producer stipulated that he would have full ownership of all Diana’s songs as well as access to her Facebook page as part of the terms of the contract termination.

However, he also admitted to Kwasi Aboagye that his assertion in the termination letter that he had exclusive ownership of all the tunes was incorrect. He acknowledged that Diana and the song’s writer would both own the copyright to the tunes.

They collaborated for 22 years, creating songs like “Mabo Wo Din,” “Akoko Abon,” “M’adansidie,” and “Pentecost Gya,” among others.

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