Andy Dosty apologises to Okese 1 for sacking him from his show

Andy Dosty has apologised to sacked an up and coming artiste called Okesse 1 for sacking his show earlier this morning on Hitz FM.

He apologised in an interview on Neat FM.

“It’s unfortunate things turned out that way. First of all, I’ll lay away all arrogance, ego aside and apologize to his fans and him personally for what transpired.”

Earlier on this morning, Andy was not pleased with the response Okesse gave him when he asked if he was okay.

“Gentleman, how are you?” Andy Dosty asked.

The gentleman, in a mellow tone, answered that he was good.

“Ah, massa, it’s everything okay?” Andy Dosty asked.

Okesse also asked: “oh, why are you asking that question?”

At this point, Andy seemed a bit peeved.

“Why am I asking that question? But how do I tell? Am I a doctor? Whoever comes here, I ask whether they’re okay or not. What’s wrong with that?” he asked.

As relaxed Okesse1 swiveled in the seat, Andy kept wondering what he was really about. He eventually walked him out of the studio.

“You walked into my studio without saying anything, you walked in late, you didn’t say anything to me, you came, you sat down quietly, I asked you whether you’re okay and you say why am I asking you that question? Please, walk out of my studio now,” Andy said.

Even though Okesse1 pleaded for forgiveness, Andy would not budge.

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Source: Ghanaweekend

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