[For Ladies] Things You Should Do Daily To Have A Healthy Vag!na

Your vagina is very delicate, and so it must be handled with care. It’s so delicate that it can be affected by your diet and even what you wear. We take such good care of our skin and our hair, but sometimes we neglect our private areas. However even though you don’t show it in public, it needs even more care than the parts everybody can see. Having a healthy vagina means having a healthy life. To achieve this you should practice proper vaginal hygiene. This will protect you from infections and give you peace of mind.

Here are five everyday habits to practice if you want to have a happy and healthy vagina:

Clean it gently

Your vagina is a self cleaning organ. It produces fluid daily to wash itself of any foreign substances. This is what comes out as normal discharge. All you need to do to clean it is to rinse with water. Don’t douche or use scented soaps. Don’t scrub it with a sponge either. Handle it with care.

Eat healthy

The food you eat also affects your vagina. Make sure you drink a lot of water and eat fruits and vegetables to improve your vaginal and reproductive health. Take yoghurt to prevent yeast infections and cranberry juice or supplements to ward off Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Take out pads and panty liners on time

Make sure you change your panty liners and pads as regularly as possible. Leaving them in for too long can put you at risk of infection.

Wear proper underwear

Your underwear is meant to cover your vagina and this means you must take proper care to choose the right kind. We know you love thongs, but they leave your lady bits exposed to bacteria so they’re not really a good idea. The best panties to wear for your vaginal health are 100% cotton panties.

Do kegels

You should do kegels exercises everyday to keep your vagina in good health. Kegels help to strengthen your pelvic wall and prevent urine leakage. Find out how to do them here.

Remember, a happy vagina is necessary for a happy life, so keep your vagina happy!

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