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I Make $25,000 Just By Farting On Camera – Lush Botanists

Fart queen of the internet Lush Botanist has disclosed the amount she makes from farting on camera to entertain her watchers.

Lush Botanist  revealed in a documentary by Channel 4 that, she got into this after being asked to fart on camera by someone online. Surprisingly, it became one of her most popular videos, and things quickly got to work when another viewer offered her money to fart.

She told Channel 4 , she charge up to $175 (£123) per fart and has made $25,000 (£18,100) so far from farting on camera.

Lush claims she has changed her diet in order to get the best quality farts.

 “Parmesan makes my farts smell extra sulphur,” she explained. But it’s the mozzarella that gives me those big bubbly farts.”

She further explained that she perches directly in front of a microphone to make her farts sound as good as possible.

“My farts get so loud that they sometimes blow out the mic,” she explained.

Watch Video Below:

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