You call for music videos but don’t patronize it – Samini to his fans

Samini, a Ghanaian musician formerly known as Batman in the entertainment industry, has harshly chastised his fans for not being supportive enough.

He questioned why his followers were asking him to release music videos but didn’t even watch them after they were out in a lengthy post on his Facebook page.

“You yell for music videos and when the musician drops them, you don’t patronize it as you shout lol,” Samini wrote.

Despite the fact that they set the standard for hype and mediocrity, I’m not your typical internet artist who gets giddy over likes, trends, and followers.

“I’m from the days where you only had to come to shows or watch tv in hopes to see your favorite artist.

“I come from when “you “ couldn’t suggest anything to “me” unlike todays Twitter and FB games . Let’s let the artist be the artist and the fan be a humble and genuinely loving fan with no ulterior motive.

“I come from when we used to sell cassettes and some of you fans today can testify your first encounter with my music was your mom or dads Dankwansere cassettes lol”.

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