Yaa Jackson says she will continue doing exactly what people are criticizing her for

Singer, Yaa Jackson, says she is not bothered by people who criticize her lifestyle and music.

The former child actress and daughter of popular Kumawood film producer, Jackson Bentum, has received heavy bashing for her photos and videos, which many consider “too sexual.”

A few months ago, Kumawood actor, Sean Paul, blamed Yaa Jackson’s parents for making her go “wayward” and allowing her to project an image of a “spoilt girl.”

“Live My Life,” Yaa Jackson said in the title of a video she posted on social media, in which she exposed parts of her breast. “Live My Life,” she wrote as the caption of her new video.

Responding to a follower who asked whether exposing parts of her body made her feel more beautiful, she wrote:

“Please let me live my life without any pressure or negative thoughts and comments on me. I don’t give a damn about what other people think about my life, since I wasn’t created to impress anybody on this planet.”


Credit to Ghanaweekend

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