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VIP Bus Services increases their fares for all destinations in Ghana

Jeoun VIP, a well-known private transportation provider, has announced an increase in pricing starting today, October 24.

The corporation said in a statement that these price hikes are the result of an increase in operating expenses.

The service provider has compiled a list of current pricing for tourists across the nation on its Facebook page.

According to the statement made on October 23, 2022, the increased compensation applies to both the Standard Tour and Executive coaches.

In the communique, the management said though it understands the hardship, “we can all agree to the fact that fares are fundamental to the operation of public transport.”

These increases came before one that the Ghana Private Road Transport Union had planned and was anticipated this week.

The Union has stated that the ongoing increases in the cost of petroleum products are to blame for the necessity for the increase.

Abbas Imoro, the GPRTU’s industrial relations officer, revealed this in an interview with Citi FM on Friday.

He claims that the Union is powerless to act otherwise.

“Normally, if we are able to conclude, we will come out on Monday with a percentage of increment. We will give the passengers a few days to adjust themselves to the new prices.”

In order to keep their businesses operating, he pleaded with the passengers to be patient.

“We’ve been very considerate. This would have been the third or fourth adjustment from May.

We are all in this country and have seen frequent increments in fuel prices. But we have sacrificed to contain it. But we can no longer bear the cost.”

“So we urge passengers to bear with us.”

Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have already raised the cost of gasoline at the pump.

Some OMCs are currently selling gasoline for GH13.10 per liter, a 16% increase from the previous price of GH11.10.

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