[Video] Bishop Obinim Slaps Trader At Kenyasi Market

The bodyguards of televangelist and Founder and Leader of International God’s Way Church ‘Angel’ Daniel Obinim, who led the way by slapping one of them, severely battered traders in the Kwabre East District of the Ashanti.

Several traders fled the market when Angel Obinim and his bodyguards invaded it and poured their fury on the poor women, according to information obtained.

“Biship Obinim built his billboard near the market, so when we got here the last time, we saw they had placed the billboard inside our market,” some of the victims told Awuah Mensah Charles of AMBASSADOR TV.

Another trader reported, “Angel Obinim bodyguards took away my phone, presuming I was filming what was going on.” After viciously hitting some of us without provocation, they stole my phone and departed the scene.”

“We reported the crime to the Kenyasi Abirem police headquarters, but no reaction has been received,” they added.

The billboard recently collapsed after a severe downpour, and some of his church members, including some pastors, came for it without checking to see whether it had ruined our items or wounded anyone, so we questioned why they didn’t ask us anything before coming for the billboard,” they added.

Angel Obinim and his bodyguards headed to the market the next day to hunt for his billboard. Enraged, he stormed in and began ranting at us. One of the dealers stated, “He threatened us over the billboard, and I told him he couldn’t take the law into his own hands.”

“Angel Obinim smacked me and his macho goons came to attack me for saying that,” she continued.

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