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“Thomas Partey is not my boyfriend, we never dated” – Sara Bella clarifies

Thomas Partey’s purported girlfriend, Sara Bella, an Arsenal midfielder, has spoken out to clarify whether she is indeed the player’s wife or girlfriend.

She asserts that she has never been romantically involved with Thomas Partey and has never dated or married him. Stories about her allegedly dating the player are therefore incorrect.

Sara Bella has declared that she has no relationship with Thomas Partey in the wake of the alleged rape and sezk.ual assault allegations made against the Ghanaian international.

In contrast to Thomas Partey’s Moroccan lover, she claims to be an Iraqi. She has thus requested that her pictures not be used in connection with any Thomas Partey-related story.

She stated in an Instagram post:

“Hi everyone, this story is meant for Arsenal fans, especially Thoams Partey fans, so I have each other into it well.”

“So to clear up the confusion, please stop accusing me, I’m not Partey’s girlfriend, not even his wife. I was born in Iraq and my nationality is Iraqi and I live in Iraq.

“So all I know is that his actual girlfriend is from Morocco not from Iraq. And I’m really tired of all accusations linked to me.“

“So please, stop it. There are bad people and bad journalism that took my photos and took my Instagram page and wrote some bad articles about me…stop accusing, stop hurting me by words.”

My nickname is Sarabella, not my actual name. So that’s all I want to say, thank you for listening.”

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