There’s no place like Hell, I do not believe in Jesus – Pure Akan

Ghanaians rapper, Pure Akan has made a bold statement about the Biblical final destinations: Heaven and Hell, describing them as non-existent.

According to him, God created human beings to live and die but has not prepared any place like Hell where sinners will be eternally dealt with.

Speaking in an interview on Akoma FM, Pure Akan said he does not believe Hell exists and even with Heaven, he believes it is a place in the hearts of mankind.

“I believe in Heaven, but I also believe it is in our hearts,” he said, adding that “if you live your life well and pleasing to God, you will live long, you will be happy, and good living will be your portion.”

Pure Akan expressed his view about Jesus. According to him, he does not believe in Jesus but believes there once lived a man called Yeshua who lived a Spartan life.


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