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The herbalist deceived the Borga, took his money, and set him up – Agradaa reveals

Nana Agradaa has exposed the Herbalist at the center of the money ritual scandal.

Evangelist Mama Pat aka Agradaa, a former fetish priestess, has exposed Nana Adu-Boafo Jnr, the herbalist who called police to arrest a father for bringing his daughter to money rituals.

In an interview with Today’s TV, the former fetish priestess claims that her experiences indicate that the herbalist defrauded the Borga.

That’s how some of these Herbalists, Spiritualists, and Mallams work, according to Agradaa.

She claims the Herbalist duped the Borga out of his money in exchange for a promise to assist him.

They start with tiny amounts of money, then progress to larger amounts and demand more money for the ceremonies.

When they’ve drained all of your cash. They try to finish your chapter by lying to the clients or demanding what they know they can’t deliver, knowing they can’t do any money rituals for you.

She stated that after a desperate man’s money has been exhausted, if you ask him to bring his child for money, he will certainly agree and bring the child since he is desperate to do anything.

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