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Teen, 15, fatally shot after argument

An altercation on a New York City train that turned violent resulted in the shooting death of a 15-year-old boy.

After a disagreement between two groups of individuals descended into violence, a 15-year-old kid was fatally shot aboard a New York subway train on Friday.

It was the seventh fatality in New York’s subway system this year, at a time when riders’ safety worries have slowed a gradual rise in ridership following a sharp decrease during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The adolescent was reportedly a part of one of the groups who got into a fight on an A train in Queens just before 4 o’clock, though authorities declined to identify the victim.

Someone fired one shot, wounding the youngster in the chest, as the train approached the line’s final stop in Far Rockaway, close to JFK Airport. When the train arrived at the station, a passenger assisted him in getting down. He was taken to a local hospital by police and emergency personnel, where he was later declared dead.

The station’s and the neighborhood’s security camera footage was being examined by police. They did not provide any information regarding suspects or a more detailed explanation for the shooting.

Despite the addition of more than 1,000 police officers to the system since the pandemic started, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority conducted a survey last month that indicated 70% of passengers believed there were not enough officers on duty. Just over 50% of respondents indicated they felt safe or very safe while riding trains or in stations.

“We obviously have work to do,” New York City Transit President Richard Davey said Friday. “We’ve got to stop this.”

According to NYPD Chief of Transit Jason Wilcox, arrests have been made in each of the first seven homicides this year.

To restore commuters’ confidence in the security of the system, Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul stated last month that the MTA would install cameras on every one of its almost 6,400 subway carriages. The project should be finished in three years.

More than 10,000 security cameras are already installed throughout the 472 stations of New York City’s subway system.

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