Stop Criticizing Women Who Enhance Their Bodies Surgically Because God Gave Doctors The Wisdom To Do It – Salma Mumin

One of the most talked-about topics on Ghanaian social media right now is the surgical enhancement of Ghanaian female celebrities’ bodies through l!posuction and other treatments.

The discussion never seem to have an end in sight because just when that of a particular celebrity is about to die down, another person will mudder the waters.

In the wake of the current discussion about some fresh celebs who have undergone the procedure, Accra FM’s Nana Romeo posed asked popular Ghanaian actress cum entrepreneur, Salma Mumin why they as ladies never seem to be satisfied with how God has created them,

In response to this, Salma said that it was not a matter of being satisfied, however, most ladies who are undergoing such procedures are just trying to look better.

The Salma Eatery boss went further to add that people should stop attacking women who undergo these procedures because God in his wisdom gave the doctors who do these procedures to do them.

She inquired why God will give them such wisdom if he did not think that it was necessary for people to undergo the procedure.

Watch Salma make this assertion below…

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