Stephanie Benson Shows Off Vajayjay Says ‘Akua Vag!na’s’ Are the Best

If you know any woman born on Wednesday then she is one of the most powerful women on earth according to Stephanie Benson.

The ‘One More’ singer claims that women born on Wednesday are sweet in the middle and that makes them very powerful in their adventures.

It’s unclear how Miss Benson has confirmed and generalised this claim but she is Wednesday born so maybe this is her testimony. She once disclosed that her husband’s balls are now numb by the courtesy of her powerful “Akua vag!na“.

Females born on a Wednesday have some distinct features that no other day of the week has. Our intelligence is deeply rooted in our s.e.xuality. Sustainability check, wisdom check, and as for our vagina it is the most powerful,” she said.

Speaking about other day born women, she added that “all, the other days of the week cannot compete. Akua vag!na power is the way to go. Love me or hate me, I have spoken the truth. Wednesday girls rock,” she said.

According to her, the “Akua Vag!na” secures sustainability. “Some of us were born great, some achieve greatness, and Some had greatness thrust upon them. Jon found out too late, but he was not afraid of it. It helped him become the man he is”.

“If you want to know, please pay attention. I will say it only once,” she captioned the video below in which she spoke about her vajayjay.

Source: PulseGhana

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