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Stepfather employs two guys to beat up on a 15-year-old daughter and put pepper into her Tinn

Two guys have been hired by a stepfather to flog his 15-year-old stepdaughter.
A Ghanaian stepfather has hired two boys to beat up on his stepdaughter because she refuses to sleep at home.

The boys hired by her stepfather grabbed up the girl while she was brushing her teeth at her friend’s house this morning and began f! her.

“I went to my friend’s house to sleep.” I was brushing my teeth when my father’s boys dumped water on me and began hitting me since I hadn’t slept at home. They wouldn’t have beaten me if I had s with her, according to one. The other snuck pepper into my privates. “I promised to report them to the cops, but my stepfather was unconcerned,” she said, according to

Ofoase Ayerebi District Police Commander, Superintendent George Bawa, who confirmed the incident, said that no arrests had been made but added that the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit of the Ghana Police Service in Oda has taken over the matter.

“Yes, we have such a case. We took the child to the hospital. She is doing well.

“They are still at large; the matter has currently been taken over by the Oda Dovvsu Command,” the police boss said.

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