Smoking cigarette cracks your voice, ‘wee’ doesn’t – Ras Kuuku

Ras Kuuku, a musician, has urged his colleagues not to smoke cigarettes.

The reggae dancehall performer made the important point that anyone who wishes to pursue a career in music must abstain from smoking since it damages vocals.

This disclosure was made by Raa Kuuku during an interview with Accra FM.

However, he has taken solace in smoking marijuana and has since seen a great improvement in his voice.

I stopped smoking cigarettes while in Secondary School when I realized the other one does not break your voice. Anyone who smokes cigarette has a cracked voice,” he said.

He continued that “You can do anything but when you have a live band show for example and you take in a cigarette you will spoil your voice”.

When asked if wee dos not crack the voice, he responded “that wee does not crack the voice”.

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