Shaving your pubic hair: 4 factors to consider before getting rid of this hair

Knowing how to remove pubic hair reduces the chances of skin irritation and infections.

Since pubic hair is coarse and thick and the skin around that area is sensitive, it is mandatory to be extra cautious with the method you choose.

The trouble with hair removal in the pubic area is the possibility of a wide variety of complications. Depilatory creams always have a chance of reacting with your skin while methods like waxing and plucking can lead to boils and infections.

To trim or not to trim the bush is your own choice, but if you choose to go smooth down there, you have multiple options of techniques that can leave you confused.

You may wonder whether shaving may be your best bet. But no matter what method you pick, make sure your pubic area along with your genitals is cleaned properly before opting for a hair removal technique to avoid any risk of skin or urinary tract infections.

There are some things to consider before deciding on the hair removal method. These include:

  • Skin type

Different skin types have a contrasting outcome to each treatment or method of hair removal they go through. While shaving may reveal delicate skin for some, it may give strawberry skin, redness, and itching if you have sensitive skin. Dry skin may get aggravated using hair removal creams. Therefore, using a method that’s safe for your skin type is necessary.

  • Pain threshold

Vanity can be a pain when it comes to most conventional hair removal methods. Each person has a different reaction to pain and perceives pain differently. Waxing the pubic region can pain like hell, and even epilators pinch a little. If that’s the case, you may go for painless methods of hair removal like trimming or shaving pubic hair.

  • Look or appearance

While some women love feather-soft skin down there, some go bold with a landing strip! How do you want your pubic area to look is one factor that can help you decide the method of hair removal you should opt for.

  • After effects

Shaving may not be for everybody since it can give you skin bumps and redness. In addition to this, not everyone can handle a razor with stable hands, and that raises the risk of cuts and skin peeling, making it a precarious method for some. Similarly, if one gets rid of hair by using a trimmer or an epilator, hair tends to grow back faster than waxing. On the other hand, waxing may cause the problem of ingrown hair in the pubic region. The after-effects of a hair removal method can make our decision vary at times.

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