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PURC holds Public Education forum for KETASCO Students and Staff

Public Utilities and Regulatory Commission (PURC) on Thursday, February 16th embarked on a public education forum for students and staff of Keta Senior High Technical School

As part of their mandates, the commission is embarking on a public education program in Senior high schools across the Volta and Oti Regions to explain to students and staff what their roles are and basic knowledge on how to use electricity and water to conserve them.

Premised on such agenda, a team from the Volta and Oti office visited the campuses of Keta Senior High Technical School on Thursday for a short interaction for both the students and teachers.

Public Relations officer; Mr. Winfred Willi educated the teachers and students on illegal connections and its implications. He talked about illegal direct connections where; the consumer connects utility from the source directly without a meter.

According to him, illegal water or power connection is a crime punishable by law if found.

“When you go and connect power from the pole without authorisation or connect your pipe from water source without meter, is an illegal act which if found you can be punished for” He warned.

He also warned against people who connect utilities from neighbours without a meter especially on the part of electricity as an illegal act too

Mr. Awuku Eric; assistant administrator, taught the following energy efficiency conservation tips; starting and running currents; by ironing in bulk, where to position refrigerators to allow for free air, how to obey energy stars on fridges, avoid charging mobile phones overnight to prevent insignificant power, switching unused sockets off, among other tips. He also advised that consumers should engage only certified and professional electricians approved by Energy Commission to prevent fake works that could lead to fire outbreaks.

Issues associated with meter readings and how to lodge complains with the commission was not left out. Students are teachers were taken through how they can make complains on any utility service provider to the commission and how such complains are addressed by the commission.

To make the program interactive, students were given the chance to ask their questions for in-depth clarification which was also successful.

The teachers present and were very happy with the team for enlightening them on how to conserve energy and water to reduce paying more for utilities

The PURC is in an independent body established under the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission Act 538, 1997 purposely to regulate the activities of utility producers and providers such as;  GWCL, ECG, VRA, GRIDCo, NEDCO, and Independent Power Producers in Ghana

The Volta/Oti chapter has been at the centre of events when it comes to regulatory and educational forums on utility services for the past years, embarking on public educations especially during tariff adjustments periods.

Earlier on, the team was at Aflao SHS and Adidome SHS and later expected to be at Dzodze-Penyi SHS and Taviefe SHS in the coming days for same purpose.

Story by: – Benard Rhussia Worlali Awumee, Keta

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