Only one man has enjoyed my hon3y pot all my life – Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson, a Ghanaian musician, claims that just one man has ever loved her ju!cy figure.

She claims to have been married to this man for 34 years and has children with him.

When a Twitter user inquired about who enjoyed her as an ad.u.lt, the singer revealed this.

“I pity whoever got the chance to hit Stephanie Benson when she was younger. Men.o.pause is terr!fy!ng! ness mpo nie Na ov.u.lation hormones fre.ak!”

“Kay, I’ve only ever been with one man in my life, and I’ve been married to him for 34 years,” Stephanie responded. No one has ever had the opportunity. Women can be s.3.xually lib.erated, fr.e.aky, free, and true.”

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