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My boyfriend Wants To Leave Me Because I Slept With His Boss To Get Him A Job – Lady Cries

A lady who has done all she could for her boyfriend is being paid back with ungratefulness.

According to the anonymous lady who messaged relationship cousellor Abena Magis Manokekame, she sacrificed for this particular guy but he has become an ingrate.

She noted that she used her savings to pay the guy’s rent in the past because he was broke. She aborted a pregnancy all in the name of love upon his request.

Above all, she went to the extent of sleeping with the guy’s boss in other to secure him a job.

And now that he has the job which pays him well enough, the guy is calling for a break-up.

On top of it, he’s labeling the lady cheap.

Read her full message below:

“Goodevening Aunty. God bless you and your fans for the good work. I need advice and kindly keep me anonymous.

It all started somewhere around 2014 after i lost my father. I met this guy who i was dating and the feeling was very deep.

He’s not financially stable but i loved him like that. Aunty, he’s rent was due and I gave him my savings thinking I was helping out of love.

Ff, i got pregnant last year July and he asked me to abort it which i did and it was with my own money too.

I’m a student at legon and I’m on scholarship but I work on weekends though. This man that I’ve sacrificed everything for says he wants a breakup after I helped him secure a well paying job.

He earns 4,600 a month, he now has an apartment and a car after I slept with his boss so he could secure the job.

He now says I’m cheap though I’ve never cheated on him. I’m hurt and can’t even move on. What do I do? Please post for me and alert me when you do.

NB: Before anyone judges me, please imagine yourself in my situation first. “

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