Michy is ungrateful, I bought her a car and house after breakup – Shatta Wale

Michy is allegedly keeping Shatta Wale away from his son and portraying him as an unreliable parent, according to Shatta Wale. He admits that he provides Michy with material goods and money for her and their son.

Up until their dramatic split, Shatta Wale and Michy’s love story served as an example for young people in the ghetto. Shatta claims that he has been taking care of Michy and Majesty (the name of their song) in his capacity as a co-parent. But she won’t publicly thank him for his efforts.

“The girl has pain in her heart because we are not enemies. The last time she came here, I was watching the interview. And I was like, why don’t you go out and tell people that when I left Shatta, he bought me a car. And after two years, I bought her a house. But she doesn’t tell anybody.

“On my birthday, I gave her my Mercedes Benz to drive around and gave her $5,000 to cruise. She said she didn’t want to come to the party, so I said she should chill around,” Shatta told Andy Dosty.

Michy, in Shatta Wale’s opinion, is acting out of pain. He also says that despite their conflicts, his baby mom was there to keep him in check when he most needed it, therefore he will never disparage her.

“It’s just disappointing that she is unwilling to release her anguish. What transgression have I committed that she won’t even let me see my son?
Shatta Michy has a wonderful disposition. I wouldn’t want to directly criticize her in public. We’ve been through a lot together, which is why I love her. She was there for me while I was without till I acquired something.

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