‘Men Cheat For Just Pleasure But Women Cheat With Emotions Attached To It

A man believes women best handle cheating than men, according to his post on Twitter.

King Monye said women cheat with emotions attached to it but men on the other part cheat just for the pleasure.

That was in response to one lady’s tweet that reads:

“Men will destroy a female beyond their breaking point & she will still be willing to fix and hold him down.. but once you hurt a man, they give up entirely. Men don’t handle it the same way as women!Billed cap.”

King Monye replied with the tweet:

“Men can’t handle cheating like women, this is true. Most times men cheat for just pleasure but women cheat with emotions attached to it, it’s just our natural being although not everyone. So we find it difficult believing that she doesn’t like or love the person she cheated with.”

To many people believes his view is 100% true.

See The Screenshot Below:

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