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Many Men Think A Wife Material Is A Woman Who Loves Broke Guys – Blessing Okoro

Controversial self-acclaimed marriage and relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has once again taken a swipe at men.

According to her, most men in Africa define a wife material as a woman who dates broke men.

Blessing Okoro recently stated that aside from money, men have nothing to offer women in a relationship.

Blessing Okoro, a controversial self-declared marital and relationship counselor, has once again bashed men.

She claims that the majority of African males consider a lady to be wife material if she dates poor men.

According to Blessing Okoro, men have nothing to offer women in a relationship besides money.

Social media erupted over this, with both men and women condemning what she said. She asserted that a man is not engaged in the relationship if he does not give his partner financial support because men tend to stick around where they make their money.

“What will a man do with you if he doesn’t give you money? Nothing at all. He will merely be draining you. There is nothing a man can provide a woman besides money, so if he isn’t providing you money, he is wasting your time.

Men are providers, that is how God has built them, provision is a sense of responsibility for men. Men cannot do so much for a woman, its a woman that is built to multi-task. His job is to provide for you, it gives a man a sense of happiness and excitement to provide for his woman.

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